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  • German Bilingual Program

    German Bilingual Program

    Forest Heights is one of the three elementary schools in Edmonton that offers the German Bilingual Program.  Fifty percent of the instruction is conducted in German.  The last entry point for this program, with no German background, is grade one.  Students wishing to enter the program after grade one must have basic German and go through an interview process.


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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Student Council,




    Library Club

    and many more activities.

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  • Community


    Forest Heights is a Kindergarten to Grade Six school.  It serves as one of three elementary sites for Edmonton Public School’s German Bilingual Program.  Approximately one half of our students are in this alternative program.  Our parent community is cohesive and involved in the daily life of the school.  Our parents support both programs, provide resources and make a huge contribution by being active in the many school events and activities.

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    At Forest Heights, we are committed to encouraging and supporting students as partners in their learning and as active participants in the school community.  We develop learners who realize that their effort is the greatest factor to achieving their goals.  We facilitate this by analyzing student work to determine next steps in learning and to ensure students are receiving the instruction that will lead to their success.  As we make students part of this process by sharing with them the goals of the learning, they become more engaged in the monitoring of their growth.  The students then become key in sharing their growth with their families.  Our purpose is to help them understand themselves as learners so they can use this knowledge to learn, achieve and growth to their full potential.  Through class work, school wide programs, student council and a variety of special events and activities, students have the opportunity to see themselves as active members of our community.  All members of the school community contribute to the safe, caring and welcoming environment of the school.  Problem solving and looking at situations from the other’s point of view are the heart of positive behaviour plan for the school.  A history of contributing to groups beyond the walls of our school is celebrated.

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  • Instructional Focus

    Instructional Focus

    A co-ordinated school wide effort to have all Forest Heights students who measurable growth in reading fluency and comprehension.

    This will be accomplished primarily through the use of leveled reading materials and the implementation of guided reading and literacy centres.  Growth will be measured by a variety of diagnostic inventories as well as District and Alberta Learning Achievement Tests.

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“We strive for HEIGHTS of excellence in all we do.”

“Wir streben nach den höchsten Leistungen in allem was wir tun.”

Principal's Message

I’m more interested in arousing enthusiasm in kids than in teaching the facts.  The facts may change, but that enthusiasm for exploring the world will remain with them the rest of their lives.  - Seymour Simon

At Forest Heights, we will work hard to assist all students in becoming responsible, cooperative and contributing citizens.  We will work to cultivate good work habits, attitudes, and social skills in order to help all students feel successful and make the gains they’re capable of.  Through our collaborative efforts, we will ensure this year is engaging, challenging, successful and safe, helping pave the way for a bright and successful future for all.

Success requires that we all work together in a cooperative, respectful manner and that we communicate our wishes and concerns to one another.  We will work hard to ensure that all families are welcomed, respected, accepted and supported at Forest Heights School.  

Dave Kowalchuk