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The well-being and safety of our students at Forest Heights School is always a priority.  As such, parking around the school is very specific, to address these safety concerns, not only for the students, but for guests visiting our school.

Please note the following parking bans around the school to avoid possible ticketing, fines, and towing by the Edmonton Police Service or Edmonton Public Schools:

  1. Staff Parking Lot - The parking lot is strictly for STAFF. This lot is located directly north of the building.  It is designated and assigned to Edmonton Public School Staff belonging to the school. Any vehicles not bearing an EPSB placard in their windshield will be subject to a fine and/or towing.


  1. Bus Zone – is operational Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. This is a no idling zone for YELLOW SCHOOL BUSSES ONLY.  For the safety of the children who may be going on a field trip or arriving or departing school, this area must be kept clear at all times throughout the day.


  1. Garbage Bin Area – located beside the staff parking on the north side of the school. There is NO PARKING in this area whatsoever. Garbage bin pick up can occur at any time during the day and this area cannot be obstructed. As well, the EPSB maintenance crew must be able to access this area for service vehicles, snow removal, grounds keeping, deliveries, etc.


  1. Visitor Parking – There are no designated visitor parking stalls. Visitors are welcome to park on the East, West, North and South side of the school. You can park along 81 and 82 Street or along 102, 103 & 104 avenue.  Please bear in mind to choose safety over convenience.  All students and parents must cross at the designated crosswalks or corners to avoid jaywalking (subject to a $250 fine should Edmonton Police Service be monitoring the area).


  1. U-Turns – near the school area and especially near crosswalks are never allowed.  This poses a great safety concern. 

These rules apply at all times, even if you are “quickly” dropping your child off or picking them up and “won’t be there for long.”